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Change Management

Change Management "Business as usual" - is not a healthy phrase for any business, please don't use it to represent happy days or when you are experiencing changes, planned or unexpected. Your customers know things are on the move and they don't appreciate being lied to, and neither do your staff. Every business is different, every day...
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Staff Induction

Staff Induction New staff are often full of excitement and exuberance at the adventure ahead of them and are looking for guidance and direction right from day one. If you are a sole trader and have a small team you may not have time to explain everything to the new starter at your feet, but those...
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Recruitment Managing the recruitment of new staff can be a key activity for your business. Many business owners outsource this vital role and are sometimes surprised by the results when it does not bring you the people you expected. The key to achieving a great outcome in recruitment is to remain involved and engaged in the...
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Strategic Management

Strategic Management A strategically focused business owner knows that every day comes to us with the promise of a perfect sunrise, a prefect morning upon which to build the best day ever. How we make the most of this perfect day that has been given to us is set in the way we plan for success. A...
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Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management A stakeholder is any person or business that is not employed directly by you or not part of your business, but is an essential element in you being able to deliver your products and services. These stakeholders may be your suppliers of raw materials, your logistical transport company, or your extra staff when you are...
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Business Improvement

Business Improvement Every good business has the potential to be a great business, and every good business has the chance to fail. Which is it going to be for your business? Whilst no one wants to fail in business there are always external factors that impact on the good work we put in every day. The process...
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Managing day-to-day

Managing Day-to-Day Every day can bring excitement, productivity as well as distraction and losses. It is important to keep the momentum building when running your own business. Day-to-day, your actions and decisions are shaping how your business works and every action you take is a valuable use of your time and you need to program or diarise...
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Measurement and Records

Measurement and Records Good record keeping can be the savior of businesses when you need to either review a product line for profitability, or prepare documents for a day in court. Record Keeping Record keeping involves all financial transactions , the costs of every purchase and the time costed for every staff member, and management team member, including...
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