Products and Services

Your business runs on the products and services you provide to your customers and clients. It has and will be the thing that keeps you going and is the greatest source of your pride.

This is why it is so important to continue to refine and develop your products and to ensure they meet your standards and are always attractive to your customers. The changes you face are many and will come from many different sources and this is why a well planned review process is needed to keep your products and services as fresh and as relevant as the day you started.

Please send us an e-mail through our contact us page and we will gladly let you know where to start and how to move forward.

  • From FEAR to Gratitude

    From a very early age humans will recognise a lie when it is spoken by watching for the visual cues and resonating sounds being projected. I say this is important because when using affirmations to boost or change how we feel we first must change our posture and delivery tone to make our communications to ourselves meaningful and believable. Our Continue Reading...
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  • Product and Service Development

    Product and Service Development There is no more important element of running a successful business than having the best products and services in your field. This is why ongoing product and service development is just as important as the initial development of an idea of what to sell to your customers. Regardless of whether it is a child’s toy, a Continue Reading...
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  • Market Analysis and Planning

    Market Analysis and Planning Your market will vary from business to business as there is no one single marketplace for any of us to live, sell and succeed in. It is vital that each business knows its own market and has a good understanding of what is being sold and bought every day, every month and every year. The act Continue Reading...
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  • Financials and Budgets

    Financials and Budgets Your financial management and budgeting skills are essential to any business success. If you do not yet have a good Tax Accountant we suggest you arrange this immediately. Glenn Cossar Consulting does not specialise in financial advice. However, we can assist in basic budgeting and good management practices that link and align with your business needs where Continue Reading...
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  • Sales

    Sales The selling of a product and or service is key to the success of your business. Without those sales, you don’t have a happy customer nor do you have an income to base your business on. With every successful product comes a cost per unit value and a marketing strategy and a deliberate sales plan. Glenn Cossar Consulting can Continue Reading...
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  • Public Relations and Promotion

    Public Relations and Promotion Public Relations and Promotion of your business are two entirely different things. Whilst they are related each has a specific targeted set of actions and expected outcomes. Public Relations This is the ongoing act of ensuring your business is in the public eye and has its goals and products well presented in accordance with your stated Continue Reading...
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