Surveys and Suggestions

Surveys and Suggestions

Finding out how well your business is going has always been an interesting task, from surveying customers, taking sample trials and testing the market, not to mention staff feedback and suggestion boxes. All these tools and more are available to the successful business owner and all can give you the information you need. Where Glenn Cossar Consulting is a little different is we will customise a tool that you are comfortable using and can see and build trust with the intended audience.

Glenn Cossar Consulting has experience with many survey tools and the way in which the collected data can be interpreted or in some cases miss-interpreted. We will work with you to develop and initiate the right kind of data collection and then help you use it to its best advantage that suits your business needs.

Feedback from any source, including customers, your suppliers and team members can provide meaningful information that you would not usually have access to and the results of simple analysis can be groundbreaking when applied with thoughtful management. Where will you achieve that next breakthrough with process improvements? Could be your next survey project.

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