The Business Plan

The Business Plan

This is our first step service offering. We have all heard the phrase “if you fail to plan … you plan to fail” well it is true!

A business plan is quite simply the statement in words of what you want your business to be.

What we can do to help your business become a reality is to put your ideas, hopes and dreams, into a practical step-by-step set of actions that align specifically with your business goals. If you are experiencing difficulties we can assist. What Glenn Cossar Consulting try most to do is to work with you to keep the momentum of a good business going strong, and together, develop an even better business.

What is possible?

1.If your product is awesome but not enough customers are buying to make it a profitable concern. Then we can work with you to develop an easy to follow marketing strategy that will have you running to the loading dock.

2. If you are wondering how to keep that keen graduate with the great ideas in the company. Then we can work with you to develop a graduate development program that has them and many others like them applying to work with you as well.

3. If you have ideas about expansion of your business but no-one to bounce these ideas around with because everyone else is busy delivering great products. Then we can be that person who not only, helps you make these ideas a reality but will provide balanced feedback during your brainstorming period.

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