About us

About Us

Glenn CossarGlenn Cossar Consulting is a new approach to management consulting, providing on-line contact to our subscribed customers and offering advice and experience across all key facets of managing a business in a changing world.

Glenn has held both practical and senior executive roles for close to forty years, commencing in what was initially known as Personnel and later known as Human Resources. Through experiencing many business changes Glenn has taken on more senior roles involving the review and development of key business strategies and finally performing a business management role before launching his management consulting business.  This experience coupled with his formal training in HR, General Management and Training and Assessment gives him a unique insight into the very practical aspects of planning for success and for running a business in a very dynamic world.

Please contact us and we will gladly let you know where to start and how to move forward.

How to maximise a business opportunity

Your business is unique and Glenn understands the need for your planning and management advice to be just as unique as you are.

Your business development and the path you decide to take will be supported by Glenn in a way that allows you to progress either in part or as a whole when you chose to engage our services. The range of services offered can fit into the listed services shown on this website, however, should you need something different or something that does not quite fit, then we can usually adapt to suit. Where Glenn is unable to offer specialist advice directly to an issue he will refer you to another provider that can.

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Who we are – Glenn Cossar

Management Consultant

Glenn is ably supported by like minded professionals on an as needs basis.

Glenn has access to a collegiate of like minded professionals who are able to support your business in a variety of specific professional fields.

Having access to professional advice such as; procurement, finance, project management, publishing and web design to name a few, allows Glenn Cossar Consulting to assess and advise on a wide range of business initiatives.

Job opportunities

Glenn Cossar Consulting are not actively recruiting staff at this time. However, should you be interested in offering up a CV and a short statement of why you think you could contribute to our success, Glenn would be happy to review your request.