Life Coaching

Our lives are increasingly becoming complex, we have so much to do in what appears to be “no time” and the no-time means … NO TIME for me and my goals and those I love dearly.

We can all handle this, we all have the capacity to respond or in other words be response-able. This is the true meaning of the word “responsible”! In my book “Yes. I Can Handle Three Things For Now” I explore in several scenarios about people what is happening to us all and how we can deal with the many challenges facing us all.
I discuss through stories and real-life characters, such things as dealing with bullies, getting organised as an adult in the modern world, and finally how to simply stop the world and enjoy how wonderful it is and how wonderful we are as caring and beautiful people worthy of self-care and success.

Please send us an e-mail through our “contact us” page and we will gladly let you know where to start your new adventure in life and how to move forward. By the way … its all in the book as well 😉

  • People Management

    People Management Your business deserves the best products and services possible and so do your customers. To provide these first class products and services, a staff and management team of the best available is worthy of no compromise. As with recruitment and selection of the best people, the ongoing training and development and continuous coaching of your staff is a Continue Reading...
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  • Managing for Performance

    Managing for Performance The people in your business will bring you many of the great moments, including your biggest successes and most profitable ideas. However, if not well managed and given poor leadership you could be heading to a very sad state of affairs that misunderstandings and poor communication are the cause of.  Performance management can be incorrectly focused, which Continue Reading...
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  • Surveys and Suggestions

    Surveys and Suggestions Finding out how well your business is going has always been an interesting task, from surveying customers, taking sample trials and testing the market, not to mention staff feedback and suggestion boxes. All these tools and more are available to the successful business owner and all can give you the information you need. Where Glenn Cossar Consulting Continue Reading...
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  • Change Management

    Change Management “Business as usual” – is not a healthy phrase for any business, please don’t use it to represent happy days or when you are experiencing changes, planned or unexpected. Your customers know things are on the move and they don’t appreciate being lied to, and neither do your staff. Every business is different, every day is new, every Continue Reading...
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  • Staff Induction

    Staff Induction New staff are often full of excitement and exuberance at the adventure ahead of them and are looking for guidance and direction right from day one. If you are a sole trader and have a small team you may not have time to explain everything to the new starter at your feet, but those business owners who do Continue Reading...
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  • Recruitment

    Recruitment Managing the recruitment of new staff can be a key activity for your business. Many business owners outsource this vital role and are sometimes surprised by the results when it does not bring you the people you expected. The key to achieving a great outcome in recruitment is to remain involved and engaged in the entire process even if Continue Reading...
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