Managing for Performance

Managing for Performance

The people in your business will bring you many of the great moments, including your biggest successes and most profitable ideas. However, if not well managed and given poor leadership you could be heading to a very sad state of affairs that misunderstandings and poor communication are the cause of.  Performance management can be incorrectly focused, which is why Glenn Cossar Consulting has a focus on “managing FOR performance” rather than managing poor performance.

The difference in a few words is enormous in practice and Glenn Cossar Consulting has decades of experience in performance management techniques and processes. Generally, the clear and unambiguous approach gives a simple but effective outcome for all concerned. Based on the three basic principles of Respect, Dignity and Compassion, a solid expectation of what is required from all working relationships can be achieved.

The staff you have engaged and trained are the staff who make up your team and who are best placed to deliver your amazing products and services. It is this team that you rely on to continue to develop and delivery every day.

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