Market Analysis and Planning

Market Analysis and Planning

Your market will vary from business to business as there is no one single marketplace for any of us to live, sell and succeed in.

It is vital that each business knows its own market and has a good understanding of what is being sold and bought every day, every month and every year. The act of Market Analysis involves a thorough study of who is selling goods and services similar to your business and how they are getting their products and services to their customers. Each action along the “supply chain” is a part of the market you are operating in . Careful analysis of suppliers, distributors, stakeholders is necessary to ensure your product arrives safe and whole to the intended customer and that you are paid for its delivery. In order to have this success an analysis of the market and what influences it will need to be done regularly so that your business is best able to adapt to changes and to compete with all the others who are also there to make a living.

Naturally, this takes careful planing and Glenn Cossar Consulting can help you develop good Marketing Plans that are specifically tailored to your business needs and specifications.

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