Public Relations and Promotion

Public Relations and Promotion

Public Relations and Promotion of your business are two entirely different things. Whilst they are related each has a specific targeted set of actions and expected outcomes.

Public Relations

This is the ongoing act of ensuring your business is in the public eye and has its goals and products well presented in accordance with your stated business goals and your “Statement of Purpose”.

A general approach is to develop a policy of how you will deal with advertising, product placement, interactions with customers and suppliers, volunteers if you have them and any community involvement you may have. A policy of this kind need not be complex or overly detailed, but will need to be understood by all staff and team members who operate in your business.


This is the very specific strategy of taking deliberate actions to ensure your products and services are presented to the buying public. If you were to place a box of your best tomatoes out on the roadside to sell, this may be very profitable. However, should you live in a back road away from the passing trade then it is likely you won’t sell any of your fresh and tasty fruit. Good promotion can bring each product and service to those who are looking for what you have to offer and to present it at the best possible price and availability.

Glenn Cossar Consulting can help you develop an effective Public Relations policy and Promotion strategy and facilitate many more individual promotions that will be needed to continue your business success and profitability.

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