Staff Induction

Staff Induction

New staff are often full of excitement and exuberance at the adventure ahead of them and are looking for guidance and direction right from day one. If you are a sole trader and have a small team you may not have time to explain everything to the new starter at your feet, but those business owners who do manage to plan for this day, week and month are more likely to have that expert support and loyal team member up and running things on your behalf before you can take that well earned coffee break and maybe plan a holiday or two, because you know that your business will be able to handle any absence of yours long or short.

We often talk about the importance of Staff Induction, but rarely do es a business understand the profound change a new employee faces on their first few days working for someone else. Glenn Cossar Consulting can help you make sure all the basics are covered, such as safety, documentation, introductions to other team members, a check list of what to do when the boss is away, as well as the magic of delegation and managing expectations and performance.

All this is possible and more when your business is well prepared for the new starter, the one who will save your business on more than one occasion!

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