Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

A stakeholder is any person or business that is not employed directly by you or not part of your business, but is an essential element in you being able to deliver your products and services.

These stakeholders may be your suppliers of raw materials, your logistical transport company, or your extra staff when you are extra busy. You many not think you have much control over other people and their separate businesses, however, you should where they impact on the critical tasks you need done to get your products and services to your customers. This is why stakeholder management is so important.

Glenn Cossar Consulting can help you develop relationships and business agreements with these separate entities so that you can rely on external stakeholders when you need them most. For example you may not own a truck but rely on a good friend to take your excess produce to market every other month, but if that friend has a breakdown or is simply not available on the months you need them, you have a supply chain problem. The solution is to plan for this by first seeking an agreement by the truck owner to assist you when you need them and also for them to either have a backup or you have a backup service provider on call just in case. This is a simple example of good stakeholder management, so you wont be caught short by others when you need them most.

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